Al Hashemi: Abu Dhabi is the destination for world champions in mixed martial arts

Al Dhaheri: An ideal start to the new season that keeps pace with hopes and aspirations

Abu Dhabi, January 15, 2023: The third mixed martial arts championship for juniors began today in Abu Dhabi, at the Mubadala Arena in Zayed Sports City, which is considered the first tournament of the new season with the participation of an elite group of players of different nationalities and weights.

The first day of the tournament witnessed strong competitions with the participation of 38 players who competed in 19 fights.

The competitions were attended by Sheikh Hamdan bin Sultan bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Sheikh Tahnoun bin Sultan bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, His Excellency Abdul Moneim Al Hashimi, President of the UAE Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Federation, His Excellency Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, Vice President of the Federation, and His Excellency Brigadier General Mohammed bin Dalmouk Al Dhaheri, Member of the Federation’s Board of Directors. , Chairman of the Mixed Martial Arts Committee and First Vice President of the Asian Mixed Martial Arts Federation.

His Excellency Abdul Moneim Al Hashemi, President of the Emirates Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Federation, says: “The UAE and the capital, Abu Dhabi, continue to dazzle and shine in hosting the most important sports tournaments that receive acclaim and praise at the local and international levels.”

He added: “At the Federation, we seek to contribute to consolidating the position of the capital, Abu Dhabi, as a global capital for mixed martial arts sports, and the first destination for champions from all over the world, and this cannot be achieved without the support of the wise leadership, which represents the cornerstone of achieving any achievement.” Such tournaments contribute to the development of mixed martial arts at the state level and abroad, and pave the way for Abu Dhabi to host the World Junior Mixed Martial Arts Championship next August, a tournament that receives global attention.”

His Excellency Brigadier General Mohammed bin Dalmouk Al Dhaheri, Chairman of the Mixed Martial Arts Committee and First Vice President of the Asian Mixed Martial Arts Federation, expressed his happiness with the strong competitive atmosphere of the tournament on its first day, the professional organization in accordance with the highest standards, and the wonderful public attendance, noting the great expertise and extensive experience that the UAE Federation enjoys. Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts in organizing the largest and most important tournaments in the mixed martial arts arena.

Bin Dalmouk says: “The opening of the new sports season with this tournament represents the growing importance of mixed martial arts within the federation’s agenda, which is constantly working to establish rules and platforms that attract stars and champions from various continents of the world, and represents an important station in discovering talent and creating champions.”

Strong fights and high performance

The confrontations of the first day of the third championship of mixed martial arts for juniors were characterized by a lot of enthusiasm and competitiveness, and most of the fights were not decided except in their final moments, and in the 54 kg competitions, Rahma Al Shamsi was able to defeat Issa Al Tunaiji, and Rashid Al Thani surpassed Imran Al Shamsi in the 37 weight category. kg, Ali Al-Najjar over Rakan Al-Yamahi in the same weight, Zayed Al-Hammadi over Nayel Mardini in the 48 kg weight, Rashid Al-Dhaheri over Adnan Al-Zarouni in the 60-kg weight, Hamad Al-Mahrouqi over Bakr Khaled in the 67-kg weight, and Hamid Al-Laim over Sultan Al-Dhaheri in the same weight. Ammar Al-Hammadi beat Ahmed Karait with a weight of 52 kg, Abdullah Al-Darmaki beat Omar Saqr with a weight of 40 kg, Youssef Al-Khouri and Abdullah Andes tied with a weight of 60 kg, Qutaiba Al-Quntar beat Saeed Al-Hosani with a weight of 70 kg, Sultan Al-Ghussein beat Faisal Muhammad with the same weight, and Ali Al-Yarbi beat Ahmed Al-Jabri, with a weight of 54.2 kg, Hamdan Al-Balushi over Sultan Al-Wahshi, with a weight of 56.7 kg, Shamlan Al-Hamami over Khaled Al-Hashemi, with a weight of 62 kg, Luay Ibrahim over Saif Al-Muhairbi, with a weight of 67 kg, Yousef Al-Mohsen over Amer Al-Suwaidar, with a weight of 68 kg, and Samad Nasser over Ahmed. Hilal weighed 77.1 kg, and Muhammad Al Shehhi Ali Butti Al Ameri weighed 65.8 kg.

The player, Rahma Al Shamsi, expressed his great happiness at winning his first ever mixed martial arts fight, stressing that the fight was very difficult, especially since he lost the first round, but he was armed with focus, determination, and exploiting the opponent’s weaknesses to decide the match in the end.

In turn, the player Zayed Al Hammadi, who was able to win his fight today, praised the exceptional atmosphere of the tournament, stressing that it represents an ideal preparation for the World Championship next August in Abu Dhabi, where he explained that the main goal lies in continuing development and growth in order to reach full readiness to compete for the world title.