Al Dhaheri: The high demand for participation reflects the growing popularity of the game in the Emirates

Abu Dhabi, March 2, 2023: The UAE Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Federation announced the continuation of preparations for organizing the fourth mixed martial arts championship for juniors, and the second in the current season, which will be held over the next two days, Saturday and Sunday, at the Mubadala Arena in Zayed Sports City, with the participation of an elite group of male and female players. Of different nationalities.

The levels of demand for participation in this edition of the tournament confirm the growing popularity of mixed martial arts across the country, and the tournament hosts 38 strong fights for competitors belonging to various weight categories, forming an important addition to the agenda of sporting events held in the capital, Abu Dhabi.

His Excellency Mohammed bin Dalmouk Al Dhaheri, Chairman of the Federation’s Mixed Martial Arts Committee, says: “The importance of this tournament lies in paving the way for hosting the World Junior Mixed Martial Arts Championship next August, which is an event that receives great global attention as it brings together elite athletes aspiring to achieve the title.” “The world’s most expensive sport.”

He added: “We aspire to establish a strong team capable of competing in the largest international forums, as such tournaments contribute to attracting national talents seeking development and having the desire and ambition to represent the country and carry its flag to the podiums.”

Al Dhaheri praised the increasing demand for participation in the tournament, which confirms the success of the plans and strategies drawn up by the Federation in terms of spreading the sport and expanding the base of practitioners at all age levels.”

The organizing committee explained that the agenda of the fourth mixed martial arts championship for juniors includes a group of strong fights for a number of the most prominent players on the local scene, such as Hamdan Al Balushi, Sultan Al Ghussein, Ali Al Yarubi, Rashid Al Thani, Zayed Al Hammadi, Zayed Al Dhubari, and Abdullah Al Tamimi. The tournament’s organizing committee confirmed its full readiness to host the fights at Mubadala Arena in accordance with the highest organizational and professional standards, and with the participation of arbitral crews at the highest level.